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Transitional Style

Transitional style is a marriage of traditional and modern furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics. The result is an elegant, enduring design that is both comfortable and classic. Because of their simple design, Asian, Shaker and Mission-style furnishings are often a nice match for transitional design.

Whereas traditional and modern schemes may introduce a few opposing elements in their designs, transitional style strikes the perfect balance between the two. Through its simple lines, neutral color scheme, and use of light and warmth, transitional style joins the best of both the traditional and modern worlds. Make sure your space has a natural flow by repeating colors and materials from one room to another. Use wall paint in the same tone and fabrics in similar colors and varying textures.  Like all such spaces, transitional kitchens have a foot in multiple camps. They might blend traditional surfaces such as wood and stone with sleek stainless steel, or pair paneled cabinetry with minimalist hardware. They might even borrow the idea of open shelving or apron front sinks from cottage-style interiors. What you won’t see: ornate millwork, fancifully painted tiles or other components that look jarring against contemporary touches.

Is modern too sleek? Traditional too stodgy? Your style may be "transitional."


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